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Hawaii: The Beginning

What is it you think about when you hear Hawaii? For me it had always been a dream. I never thought in a million years that I would ever visit Hawaii, let alone live there. That dream turned into reality when my husband shared that we would be stationed at Schofield Barracks starting in 2012. HOW EXCITING!!!!

Our adventure started off amazing. Seeing the beautiful landscape, the people, the smells, everything about Hawaii was just spectacular. I had never seen such beauty before in my life. How lucky was I to be in a dreamland! It really was just that a dreamland. From visiting Pearl Harbor to Hanauma Bay; nothing was more spectacular than what we were experiencing in our first month there. However that all changed when our household goods arrived.

While we were informed when we moved there that my husband would be allowed to be home to receive the household goods, that was evidently a misunderstanding or just a bold face lie. Early on the morning of the delivery I received a phone call stating that he could not come home because he was told that I was not 110 pounds therefore I could handle it myself. Hmmmm, I thought. Ok, well I don't know any better so I will just deal with it on my own. And that is exactly what I did.

We lived on the third floor of an older apartment building. By the way, let me be clear, I loved our apartment! It was small and open. Perfect for the two of us (and later our cat). Even though it was small, we did have a massive theater couch, a king size bed, boxes upon boxes of stuff. That was a lot of navigating and moving. The movers informed me that they were not allowed to move our stuff, only allowed to bring it in. I found out later on that was a lie.

I moved that couch, I moved that bed and box-spring, I unpacked those boxes. I did it all. You may be thinking, "ok, so your husband couldn't come home, why didn't you just wait for him to get off work?" That's a very good question. At the time, I was so excited to arrange our first apartment and I was in my early 20's so that thought never crossed my mind. My mother always taught me to be independent and strong. That's what I thought I was being. Boy was I severely wrong.

Two days went by after the move in and I awoke in the middle of the night to such severe pain that I was not able to sleep. I got up and every step felt like someone stabbing me over and over. I became desperate and laid over on our bed begging my husband for relief. There was no going to the hospital at that moment as we were about half an hour away from the military hospital and our car had not been delivered to the Island yet. I held out for two days in so much pain that when I would stand up, I would end up on the floor. On the 3rd day I could not take it anymore and asked if we could take a taxi to the medical complex there on post the next morning. It would only cost about 30 dollars as a taxi ride to the medical complex at Triplar would cost over 200 there and back. My husband messaged his team leader that night and asked if he could take me to the medical complex on post the next morning after PT. What was the reply he received you may ask? "No, you need to be at PT, take her to Triplar tonight."

Well 200 some odd dollars later, I was sitting in the emergency room and waiting to be seen. I do not believe they actually took me seriously as I could barely walk and was being made to walk around that hospital for x-rays and so on. That was fine. It is what it is. There are people here in worse pain than me. After about 2 hours I received my results. My spine had slipped. It is called Spondylolisthesis. It was a result from the move in day. I received a pain injection and was told to follow up with a primary care doctor.

Unfortunately this is just the beginning. We have more to the story. You might be thinking, this girl is just whining about a slip in her back. At the time it would have been an easy fix. If I had only been taken seriously. On our next journey together, I will go through what happened when I saw that primary care doctor, and what followed there after.

See you next time...

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